Available Nationally

Freedom provides first mortgage loan products that are consistent with capital markets securitization standards with a focus on assets that demonstrate stable cash flows, conservative loan structures, moderate loan to value ratios, strong debt yields and debt service coverage ratios.

Commercial Products
Loan Size First Mortgage Loans from $2–$20 million
Terms Fixed Rate 5 and 10 Year Loan Terms
LTV & LTC Up to 75% of Appraised Value and/or Purchase Price
Amortization Typically 25–30 Years
Interest Rates Competitive Pricing
DSCR Property specific
Property Types Multifamily
Self Storage
Manufactured Housing
Student Housing
Location National
Loan Type Acquisition and Refinance
Borrower Single Purpose Entity
Reserves Tax, insurance, replacement reserve and leasing costs required
Third Party Costs Fixed
Prepayment Defeasance or yield maintenance, locked out for the earlier of (i) three years following the full funding of the loan and (ii) two years after the securitization of the loan
Recourse Non-recourse to Key Principals except for customary “Bad Boy” carve-outs